PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is not therapy nor is it intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. Heart Warrior sessions are for individuals who are psychologically sound, ready to take 100% responsibilty, and dedicated to living a courageous, kinder, and kick-ass life. If a person needs services outside of Michael's expertise, clients will be encouraged to seek other options.

Each year, Michael works with a limited number of individuals who are committed to changing the unfavorable conditions of their life. Those interested in healing the past, developing resiliency, overcoming self-defeating behaviors, or gaining clarity on his or her life's true calling can benefit from this program.

Through honest, non-judgmental guidance, each session will help you shift from feeling emotionally and spiritually tired to invigorated and inspired. During these conversations, (typically done over the phone or through Skype) you can expect to awaken your warrior spirit while being reintroduced to the most amazing person you’ll ever meet…you. Most of all, you will learn to reclaim your power by living authentically from your heart.

If you would like to begin your own journey of self-discovery and design a life joy and meaning, please contact Michael today.

Investment: $111 per one-hour session

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