Since it’s inception, The Kindness Center’s mission has been to open minds, awaken hearts, and demonstrate that kindness is not a weakness, but rather, one of humanity’s greatest strengths.

Recognizing the complexities of humankind (and the ongoing challenge to be both human and kind), we have developed a series of programs that support emotional wellness through the application of heart-focused principles. To learn more about our keynotes and workshops, please visit the appropriate pages. We are now reserving speaking dates for conferences, businesses, school assemblies, and colleges/universities.

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“We truly enjoyed having Michael come and speak to us! His talk has improved our company so much.

We have enjoyed being a kinder business!”

— Assistance Plus, Inc.

"I can say with all honesty that you were by far the best speaker I've listened to in my career. Your positive energy and outlook are contagious." — Jared B.

transform your workplace from inspired.

  "It was a wonderful day for our school—the response has been amazing from children, teachers, and parents. Michael, your visit and message will have a long-lasting impact on our school community—truly for years to come. You are the most influential visitor we have had in the middle school!"

~ Margo Keniston Potter - Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, NY



Michael J. Chase is a bestselling author, renowned speaker, and one of today’s most influential voices for creating a kinder world. Specializing in contemporary teachings on kindness, compassion, and resiliency, his books and presentations reveal how living from the heart plays a significant role in healing our lives and our planet. After founding The Kindness Center in 2007, Michael began working alongside dozens of prominent authors and self-empowerment leaders, speaking at events throughout the US and Canada to inspire positive change.In recent years, The Kindness Center has become a vehicle for helping those struggling with anxiety and depression, now bringing workshops to schools and businesses that promote emotional wellness and teachings on stress reduction. Michael currently resides on the coast of Maine with his four-legged best friend Dharma, where he continues to write books and develop new programs that ease the pressure of living in today's complex world.