Since it’s inception, The Kindness Center’s mission has been to elevate consciousness, awaken hearts, and demonstrate that kindness is not a weakness, but rather, one of humanity’s greatest strengths.

Recognizing the complexities of humankind (and the ongoing challenge to be both human and kind), we have developed a series of programs that support optimal mental health through the application of heart-focused principles. To learn more about our keynotes and workshops, please visit the appropriate pages or click on the banners below. We are now reserving speaking dates for conferences, businesses, school assemblies, and colleges/universities.

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— Reduce stress, anger, & workplace drama

— Promote new habits to support mental health

— Inspire positive communication skills & kinder behavior

— Learn what truly motivates people and enhances productivity

— Develop the traits of an outstanding leader/manager/employee

— Understand the vital importance of compassion & empathy in the workplace