Chalk on the Walk

Chalk on the Walk is one of Biddeford Maine’s cultural and family highlights of the year. The theme of "Kindness Matters" was a big success! The day’s festivities were filled with color, creativity, music, and lots of fun for the kids.

"The Kindness Test" with WGME 13 News

Random acts of kindness and paying it forward. They're phrases we're hearing more and more of these days. It seems that being unkind and having no manners are on their way out and being nice and thoughtful are in. So Michael and WGME 13 News decided to see if that's the case in Maine. In this special report, they hit the streets to see if Mainers pass the Kindness Test.

Caffeinated Kindness

Throughout the week, we visit coffee shops, shelters, and other locations, randomly offering free cups of joe to brighten someone’s day. Whether at a cafe counter or drive thru window, by offering to pay for someone’s coffee you can help to create a positive ripple effect, through one simple (and affordable) act of kindness.

The Spirit of Christmas

In December 2009, Michael led an amazing group of teens from Project Aware throughout Portland, Maine to spread holiday cheer. During the day, they delivered toys to children, sang Christmas carols, handed out flowers and candy canes, visited shelters and nursing homes, and surprised dozens of people with spontaneous acts of kindness!

  24 Hours of Kindness - August 15-16

The latest "24 Hours of Kindness" was perhaps the best yet! Since 2008 this event has changed countless lives and inspired positive acts around the world. This year Michael was joined by Sharon Cicero Portner, Bill Auld, founder of The Joeseph Lapinski Foundation, Karen Auld, founder of SOUL - Society of Ultimate Living and Krissy Wittenberg, founder of Be Good To People. For a full 24 hours without sleep, they volunteered, helped, hugged and spread love throughout the streets of New Jersey and New York City.

Let it Snow...

During Maine’s biggest storms of the year, Michael and friends hit the streets for some random acts of snow blowing and shoveling. Complete strangers all over town are offered to have their driveways cleared out under one simple condition...pass on the kind act by doing something nice for another person.

Michael collecting hugs from total strangers, which were then delivered to a good friend struggling with breast cancer.

Remembering Kindness - September 11th

Each year on September 11th, the goal has been to bring back the spirit of love and compassion shown during the weeks that followed September 11, 2001. From September 11 - 30, Michael and his Kindness Crew perform  acts of kindness throughout southern Maine. They also share this special message with schools, businesses, and communities across the country. 

The Kindness Crew helping DJ, (far right) a homeless vet with a heart of gold. Everyone pooled their money together and rented him a hotel room for the night.

100 Acts of 100 Minutes

Family, friends, and complete strangers joined us in downtown Biddeford as we attempted 100 acts of kindness in 100 minutes! Each volunteer randomly selected kindness assignment cards to complete within 100 minutes.

3000 Miles of Kindness: California - Maine

During this life-changing road trip from California to Maine, countless people were recipients of kind deeds. Some of the acts included: helping drivers broken down on the highway, buying meals for people at truck stops and all night diners, buying ice cream for groups of kids, picking up litter on streets and beaches, offering to take photos of families on vacation, buying coffee and breakfast for people each morning, handing out free flowers and pastries in Brooklyn NY, buying newspapers for people in New York City, paying tolls for other drivers, and giving out free hugs throughout 18 states. And just for the record, actual KM (kindness mileage) was 3,570.6!

24 Hours of Kindness: Portland, Maine

Once a year Michael spends a full 24 hours on the streets of Southern Maine (without sleep) performing spontaneous acts of kindness such as: buying coffee for people, paying for movie tickets and city bus rides, helping with yard work, handing out balloons, flowers and baked goods, visiting schools and nursing homes, working in soup kitchens, and spending time with the homeless throughout the night. Watch some inspiring moments from the event by clicking on the video below...

12 Hours of Kindness Boston, Massachusetts

In April 2011, Michael led Boston University students in a 12 hour marathon of kind acts. From 8am-8pm they created a buzz in Boston by lifting spirits and sparking positive energy throughout the city.

Kindness Weekend: North Conway, New Hampshire

In May of 2011, The Mount Washington Valley became known as the Kindness Capital of New England! Locals and visitors alike participated in random acts kindness throughout the community. The event began with a presentation by Michael at the Theater in the Woods. A special event following the lecture, was held in Schouler Park. It featured a candle-lit labyrinth (sponsored by Soyfire Candle) and circle of forgiveness where the public was invited to reflect on aspects of their lives that may be causing pain, anxiety, or suffering of any kind. The next day, everyone gathered in N. Conway Village for more inspiration and to collect the tools of the kindness trade before fanning out to the community to commit generous acts on unsuspecting people. The weekend then continued with a variety of activities and more opportunities to make North Conway radiate with kindhearted energy! Special thanks to Michael Kline of Soyfire Candle and Carla Girouard of Evergreen Institute for Wellness for making this event a huge success.

24 Hours of Kindness: New Jersey - New York City

Michael joined forces with the Joseph Lapinski Foundation for The Kindness Center’s most celebrated event; 24 Hours of Kindness. From 9am Friday until 9am Saturday, they were on the streets of New Jersey and New York City for a non-stop marathon of performing acts of kindness. Their goal was to inspire, uplift, and touch as many lives as possible. The stories from this event were so powerful that they became a chapter in Michael’s book, The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone.

“Project Kindness” with Bonny Eagle High School

Michael joined Bonny Eagle High School students and staff for “Project Kindness,” an event created by BEHS senior Jessica Ciampi. Throughout the day they volunteered at the Center for Grieving Children in Portland, served lunch at the Preble Street Resource Center then ended the day by handing out candy canes and carnations at the Maine Mall. Special thanks to Susan Mullen Photography and Jackie Ward of WCSH6 News for capturing the day with photos and video!

Michael partnered with NBC Universal in an effort to inspire over one million acts of kindness during holiday season. He also worked with thousands of students during the "Share Kindness" campaign to inspire good deeds from November 28th through December 31st.

Be Kind Fest 2013

Once again, Michael had the honor of being invited to North Conway, New Hampshire’s “Be Kind Fest!” After kicking off the event with a free lecture to the public, he then joined the heart-warming festivities alongside family and friends. It was an unforgettable weekend filled with love, laughter, music, and lots of hugs! Check out and become a part of the fun!


This page highlights some of the projects TKC has participated in over the years to encourage spontaneous and intentional acts of kindness. Our hope is that something here will inspire you to become a part of the kindness revolution. The opportunities to do good are endless. Help a neighbor. Serve at a local shelter. Compliment people who give extraordinary service. Express heartfelt gratitude toward your family and friends. Practice the art of patience. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee when in line at your favorite cafe. Power down your phone and sincerely listen to the person in front of you. For every act of kindness brings us closer to a brighter and more civilized future. By working together, we can open hearts, heal lives, and ultimately...change the world.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

~ Margaret Mead

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