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Globally, each year, more than a quarter of a billion people battle chronic depression. Mind you; these figures do not take into account the millions who suffer in silence. And despite such staggering numbers, we continue to treat mental health afflictions as a shameful secret.

During this raw and honest conversation, Michael will discuss his personal and family history with chronic depression, and the daily practices which have allowed him to keep it at bay. Sharing ideas on meditation, traditional and alternative therapies, SRA (Serotonin Raising Activity), and ways to become free from shame, you will learn how strengthening and healing the mind becomes possible by developing a kinder, more compassionate heart.

TRUTH OVER SHAME - keynote & book discussion


Truthshops are available following the above keynote. This interactive event goes a step further by inviting participants to share their own experiences and methods for healing. Writing exercises and advanced mindfulness practices will also be discussed as additional ways to alleviate depression and anxiety.

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