“Michael's time with our group of YMCA professionals was inspiring to us all. As we work to help improve the lives of those in our community, his message of the power of being kind will now be spread throughout Northern New England. I can't tell you how many people came up to me throughout the rest of our conference to talk to me about changes they plan on making in their lives as a result of Michael's message. It was such a great way to kick off our conference!”

—  Joseph W. Manzoli, Jr. - CEO, YMCA of Greater Nashua

“I recently had the pleasure of hearing you speak at Hay House’s “I Can Do It” Conference in Toronto. What a Joy. We laughed and we cried..the stories were so moving. Very inspirational!! It was an honor to meet and speak with you Michael. Your book "am I being Kind" has also given me tools to work with in my life and I have passed it on to family.”

—  Michelle, Toronto, Canada

“Fantastic presentation at the Maine Health Care Association Conference! It was very encouraging and motivating. I can't wait to get your book! —  Heather - Rockland, Maine

“Thank you so much for your inspirational and uplifting messages of hope and love. It reaches beyond cultural norms, racial issues and international borders. A simple message with profound and long lasting effects.”

—  Teresa,  Switzerland

"We were introduced to Michael today in Austin. The group I was with, who have studied this type of material for so long now, were all shocked we hadn’t heard from Michael before. Blown away impressed!!! Thanks for being dedicated to do what you do and look forward to continued teachings from you!"

—  Jessica

"I can say with all honesty that you were by far the best speaker I've listened to in my career. Your positive energy and outlook are contagious." — Jared B.

“We truly enjoyed having Michael come and speak to us! His talk has improved our company so much. We have enjoyed being a kinder business!”

— Assistance Plus, Inc.

"Michael, Of the 100 speakers at the Hay House World Summit this year, you moved me. Thank you. Continue to be exactly who you are. It works.”  — Paul T.

"I cannot get over how your presentation has made me feel. I have always considered myself a positive person and work really hard to spread it to everyone around me. But somehow you have motivated me to work even harder and make more goals." — Alyssa D.

“Defining success has been something I've struggled with in my life, but now I think I've finally got it. What's the truest, rawest form of success? KINDNESS. Thank you, Michael!”

—  Lance P.

"Soooooo awesome!!!! Thank you for starting out our year so positively and full of energy! Everything you told us yesterday has been going through my mind since then! I am retelling the stories and writing down ideas and cannot wait to begin teaching my students."

— Carey

"Thank you for the moving and motivating start to the school year for Saco School Department staff today. Your message of kindness and love is so important and will make such a difference in the lives of the children we are privileged to work with." — Joan

“You rocked my world today Michael at Hay House’s at I Can Do It! in Austin, Texas!! Thanks and LOVE!!!!” XOXOXOXOXX!!

—  Suzy

“I wanted to thank you again for such an incredible experience - hearing your journey yesterday. What a gift YOU are to this planet THANK YOU!”

—  Danielle

Available as a keynote or a workshop, Humankind presentations foster emotional wellness, positive communication skills, and teach methods for developing kinder relationships.

The four main topics include:

1. Emotional Wellness: Understanding and practicing daily habits that support wellbeing, work-life balance, and lead to fulfillment. Digital activity and its relation to mental health are discussed as well.

2. Resiliency: Tools to overcome life's ongoing hardships.

3. Compassion: How active empathy allows us to defuse tensions and authentically relate to others.

4. Kindness: A universal, innate skill set for enriching lives, creating unity, and developing and sustaining healthy relationships.

Each subject builds upon the next, revealing how to improve one’s personal and professional wellbeing significantly.

If you would like to find relief from daily stress and experience a noticeable increase in optimism and cooperative behavior, please send your message to

Retail or any service-based industry is not for the faint of heart. And for those of us that have been behind a counter and had a total stranger scream in our face will verify, working for the public can be pure hell at times. However, with the right attitude, there is another side to this professionone that connects us to a deeper purpose by assisting people in ways that go beyond our job responsibilities and the products we are selling.

This keynote addresses the benefits of seeing a customer's humanity first and foremost. By learning to show sincere interest in people, investing a mere ten percent more time on non-business conversations, you will learn the secret to decreasing moments of tension, while also increasing the likelihood of loyalty and positive referrals.

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Return on investment (ROI)

The Kindness Center’s goal is to exceed the traditional model of ROI. Your investment not only supports the wellbeing of your organization but also enhances life for all. For kinder attitudes and increased civility within a company ultimately carry over to families, communities, and, eventually, have an impact globally. Furthermore, through our “pay it forward” program, a generous portion of each speaking fee assists in reducing the cost of our middle school and high school presentations. We believe that investing in today's youth is perhaps our greatest hope for a better world.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Words cannot express what I'm feeling after your presentation to our staff. You did an AMAZING job, Michael! I'm so so so so thankful! The feedback I have received has been wonderful!" — Julie S.

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